Tutorial: Custom Wall Art

Tuesday, 26 November 2019

I've had a few people ask me for the tutorial for my wall art. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen I have three rather large wall art panels that I made myself (if you are not following me why not head over and give me a follow The Grey Home) as I just couldn't find anything I wanted and I fell in love with some wallpaper designs but didn't want the commitment of full on wallpapering a wall as I get bored with bold patterns SO quickly!

Tutorial: Custom Wall Art

I wanted to add a splash of colour to my grey and white living room without having to spend a fortune as it's a fairly large wall and I didn't want any long term commitment to a colour as I am a total nightmare who love to redecorate on a whim. As I had recently purchased some blush velvet cushions I decided to add a splash of colour to an otherwise very grey wall with some wallpaper that I had fallen head over heels for.

I thought I'd share how I made mine for less than £20! I'm super pleased with the result and it means I can change them whenever I please without having to re-wallpaper, win win right?

You will need;
PVA Glue
3mm Hardboard (in whatever size suits your room)
A brush
Wallpaper (big enough to cover the hardboard)
A Stanley Blade or Scissors
Duct Tape
Command Strips

Step One;
 Cut your wallpaper. Make sure it's bigger than the hardboard so it can be folded over the back and taped into place for neat corners and edges.

Step Two;
Cover the shiny side of the hardboard in PVA. Not too much, you want a nice thin layer that's thick enough for the wallpaper to stick but not so you get creases.

3mm Hardboard

Step Three; 
Carefully apply the wallpaper ontop of the PVA, start at one end and smooth down as you go ensuring their is enough on each edge to fold over to the back.

Step Four;
Turn the hardboard over and fold the edges down. You might need to make a few cuts diagonally towards the corners to help you get a sharp corner. 

Hardboard Wallpaper Corners

Step Five;
Gently pull the edges towards the middle and tape into place. You need to get a nice tight fit so it doesn't buldge around the edges of the hardboard but becareful as the wet wallpaper is super easy to rip.

Step Six;
Once all the edges are taped down, apply your command strips to the corners of the hardboard. It might bow a bit but once they are hung up, it flattens itself out on the wall.

Finished Wall Art

Step Seven;
Measure where you want your gorgeous new art & hang.

Finished Wall Art Hanging

Some top tips;

Be careful, it's super easy to mark or tear the wallpaper.
It can be easily removed or simply apply a different wallpaper over the top but make sure however you do it, your base is nice and even, any lumps and bumps will be visible.

Will you attempt it? I'm in utter love with mine and they've made such a nice colour splash into my room that I've even had people ask me to make some for their rooms too!