Cozy Living This Winter

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

It's not often I get a chance to just sit down and admire just how far I've come with my complete house renovation but as my living room is 85% of the way to being finshed it's been nice to take a step back and do a few more 'detailed' related bits ready to make it a haven during the upcoming winter months.

Cozy Living Fairy Lights

One of my biggest things to make my rooms as cozy as humanly possible is throws.
I've got a huge faux fur one on our sofa and another fabric one on our chair. Not only do they add texture and colour to the room but they are perfect for snuggling down with in the evenings. I must admit I do have to fight the dogs for them as they seem to prefer them to their own bed but you win some, loose some right?!

Another thing that has made my living room feel 100% more finished and cozier has to be my raditator cover. I'm all for hiding ugly raditators but it also seems to help direct the heat towards the middle of the room rather than just straight up one wall. Plus it's a perfect place to put decorations, reed diffusers (the heat also helps the smell fill the room) and my gorgeous candles!


No room is compelete without a candle in my eyes. I adore the winter scented ones and I'm currently getting dangerously close to the bottom of my Yankee Candle Cherry & Vanilla. I'm also a massive fan of the fake tea lights. I have multiple candle votives and candle holders dotted about and with a toddler the fake ones just make sense. Not only are they safe should they get knocked over but there's no fear about forgetting about them, the annoying tea light wax tidy up and they look just as realistic as a real flame.

One final item I cannot be without when making my home cozy is fairy lights. 
They just scream cozy to me and again add another dimention to a room. I've got some white bulb ones with lots of different colour beads on and not only do the give an added pop of colour to my grey room but they also give out such a gorgeous glow of an evening.

Do you have any personal cozy faves?